Dantia Offshore for outsourcing and offshore project support and vessel management

SWOT Analysis for offshore project:

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool that analyzes the internal and external environment factors that influence a company’s success .   SWOT Analysis helps match the firm’s resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates and is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. Focus shall be on Dantia Offshore Limited as an outsourcing, offshore project support and vessel management company

This section analyzes the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for Dantia offshore  in its chosen market segment of providing voyage operations support services to Marine customers.

While Dantia offshore  certainly has several advantages in its business model currently, Dantia offshore  is also pragmatic enough to acknowledge its weaknesses and threats that the ever changing business environment is likely to expose.


The management team of Dantia offshore  has a very good understanding of the Africa market.  Mr. Smith has hands on experience in setting up similar operations.  Through his standing in the industry, he has strong relationships within the customer base targeted by Dantia offshore . (SWOT Analysis for offshore project – Strengths)

A formidable barrier to entry in this industry is obtaining the required permissions and a license to set up a Voyage Operations Center. Dantia offshore  has very quickly established its credibility with the regulatory authorities and has obtained certification necessary to set up an operations center.



Dantia offshore  will need to overcome the challenge all new companies face.  It currently does not have an existing track record of past performance and a customer base.  Dantia offshore  is not yet a well known brand in the Marine industry.  Dantia offshore  seeks to overcome this weakness by partnering with established international players. (SWOT Analysis for offshore project – weaknesses)

Dantia offshore ’ own operations would primarily be available in the Africa region.  For services outside of this region, Dantia offshore  would rely heavily on other companies providing similar services.  Some of these companies could choose to enter the Africa market directly and become competitors and leverage the contacts built with customers by providing services through Dantia offshore .

Dantia offshore  is yet to identify its senior management team.  While individuals with the right experience to build a strong team have been identified, discussions are still in progress to officially include them in the management team.


The Africa region has limited number of local providers of Voyage Operations Center services.  The companies that exist have a very limited range of services and reach.  Dantia offshore  has access to therefore a largely untapped market that it seeks to tap through a fuller range, broader reach and superior quality of services.

Through the personal network of contacts that the Board of Directors and Senior Management team will bring, Dantia offshore  has exclusive access to several Africa customers.  Being a local company gives Dantia offshore  an advantage over the larger global players.

Dantia offshore  is also currently the only company certified to set up voyage operations center in South Africa.  This provides Dantia offshore  with a distinct advantage in a very important part of Africa.



The Africa region has attracted a lot of interest from several multinational companies in the Marine industry.  Dantia offshore  faces the threat of the larger global players in the voyage operations support industry too entering the Africa with customized services and pricing to get into direct competition with Dantia offshore .





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