Dantia Offshore Limited, headquartered in Nigeria with technical partner in UK, offers  Management and Logistics solutions to Offshore and Inshore Start up or Established companies in Nigeria  and abroad with signed contracts in West Africa and specifically in Nigeria looking to go out there for the first time and in need of comprehensive logistics solutions and provision for their Projects.
We provide a soft landing for a more fluid and seamless operation for our clients and acting like a bridge between them and the local community and access to resources they need .
With over 20 years experience in the area, We at Dantia Offshore Limited are able to provide Vendors, Vessels , onshore Equipments, Security and local connections and protection and general background knowlege that will ease the strain of operations for  your projects .

At  Dantia Offshore Limited , we proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors offering similar logistics services and solutio Our unique combination of experience, service, and technology allows us to provide logistics services that offer a high degree of reliability while remaining cost-effective.




Our goal is to maximize value for our customers and help them manage their long term energy needs. We work with a network of companies across the energy value chain with the primary focus on how we can best build long term relationships that will in turn translate to robust opportunities for all.